With nearly 30 years’ experience, Joe Flower has emerged as the
premier observer and thought leader on the deep forces changing
healthcare in the United States and around the world. He has explored
the future of healthcare with clients ranging from the World Health
Organization, the Global Business Network, and the U.K. National Health
Service, to an extraordinary variety of other players across healthcare
– professional associations, pharmaceutical companies, device
manufacturers, health plans, physician groups, and numerous hospitals.
He has worked on change and the future with the U.S. Department of
Defense, Airbus and ArianeSpace, and a number of governments in China.

is the author of hundreds of articles and author or co-author of a
number of books. He is a columnist with the American Hospital
Association’s Hospitals and Health Networks Online,
as well as for Physician Executive, the journal of the American College of Physician Executives

was a founding member of the International Health Futures Network, and
is a member of the faculty of the American Hospital Association’s
Health Forum.