Healthcare is a complicated field to cover.

Joe Flower offers a fresh, pithy, and clear point of view as a 30-year veteran industry insider who can explain what’s going on in a way that the public can understand. Healthcare is going through, right now, its most rapid and deep period of change ever. And here’s the surprise: Some of the most profound and positive changes are not driven by the reform act, or by politics at all. They are happening, so far, off the radar, outside of the public’s awareness. This change is exactly where policy-wonk fodder turns into great human stories.

Flower has appeared on numerous radio and television broadcasts across the U.S. and Canada, and is regularly quoted in print and in blogs.

Quotes: If you are working on a healthcare story, call for a fresh and clear thought that can give your story a three-dimensional perspective.

Profiles: A profile would get at the core of the remarkable changes happening in healthcare, through the eyes of this pragmatic optimist.

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