Joe Flower will work with you to customize a workshop out of mutliple elements, such as:

  • Pre-interviews: To set up your organization's issues and situation.
  • Briefing books: Fact and concept briefs to set out the core issues and concerns.
  • Concrete goals: He helps you set goals and refine the process.
  • The talk: Flower’s challenging and spellbinding presentation sets up the tectonic plates underlying change in healthcare,
    in your segment and your market.
  • The Futures Game surfaces the conflcting emotions every organization has toward change, and uses them to push the group to
    its most creative and functional level.
  • The Mindstorm quick-captures the ideas, proposals, objections, and concerns sparked by the talk.
  • The Tools Teach-In gives concrete instruction in such specific change-management tools as knowledge management,
    sense-making, and competency transfer.
  • Nailing it down: Flower drives the group process toward the client's specific desired outcomes – a strategic plan, a task
    force, a set of goals and metrics – whatever works for this organization.