Joe Flower Healthcare Futurist

Joe Flower speaks internationally about developing trends in healthcare and the challenges your organization is facing, framed in your economic, political, cultural, and technological circumstances.

It’s January 24, 2018.

Healthcare is changing — consolidation, new tech, political chaos, a vast and growing IT overburden, shifting rules, ever-rising costs, new solutions, business model experiments.

Right now, today, are we headed for catastrophic system failure? A kind of chaotic muddling along? The broad sunny utopian uplands of better, stronger, cheaper healthcare for everyone? Read on.

Healthcare is complex. Simple solutions are useless. Any simple picture of the future is a lie. Simple techno-optimism or innovationist neophilia get us nowhere.

Thinking about the future is a complex business requiring extraordinary clarity, penetration, the broadest possible view, and the insights of complexity science. Simple futurism is entertainment. Futurism based on the insights of complexity is a tool for thinking, planning, strategizing.

Simple futurism points at each shiny thing—AI, contractual blockchain, virtual worlds, augmented reality, cell transformation, haptic rebuilds—and says, “Wow! Look at this.” It’s a Jetsons way of looking at the future, as real as using the Flintstones as a guide to the past.

A futurism based on complexity looks at every element, shiny, dull, or invisible, and asks:

“What is it for?”
“How does it get its energy?”
“How does it affect other elements?”

Complex futurism can connect the dots and the 3-D networks of dots building out over time to paint the pictures of future scenarios, of ways the future could really turn out, what will take us there, and what strategies we might employ to meet them.

This is what I do.


You may need a healthcare speaker for a meeting, a board retreat, a convention. You will want someone who can help your people make sense of the future of healthcare, where it’s going, why, what’s pushing it, what’s going to work in this radically different future, what they need to do to make it work.


Healthcare in the U.S. and many other countries is in the throes of a convulsive change, what we call the shift from Volume to Value. U.S. healthcare got about as dysfunctional as it could afford to get, but the good news is that now it’s a laboratory of industry experimentation, with new business models cropping up like weeds.


HEALTHCARE BEYOND REFORM: Flower’s 2012 book laying the groundwork: There is a secret inside healthcare, and it’s this: We can do healthcare for a lot less money. The only way to do that is to do it a lot better.

HOW TO GET WHAT WE PAY FOR: Flower’s most recent book is a manual, complete with checklists and To-Do lists and Resources hooking you up with other healthcare revolutionaries.


One of the most rewarding things for a planner of any event is to hear that the speaker you have chosen was absolutely fascinating. Thank you for making that morning so special!

– Peggy Westby, CMP
Director, Educational Services, Minnesota Hospital Association

I’ve had Joe speak 3 times for our leadership group of 275 for … nine hospitals and his reviews are always excellent. If you’re looking for someone who will stimulate, challenge, inspire … Joe Flower would be the speaker I’d choose.

– Jerry Lewis, Leadership Development, Banner Health-Colorado Region

Excellent, the reason I came to the conference – great message – please bring him back again … Excellent presenter … Excellent, thought provoking …

– CEOs, Revolutionizing Healthcare Governance

Excellent presentation, well delivered … Fascinating! … Wow! How interesting … Wow! … Excellent graphics!!! … Very thoroughly presented … Very thought provoking … What an eye opener! … Very challenging presentation … Fantastic presentation …

– Trustees, Revolutionizing Healthcare Governance

I found your presentation to be truly motivating, with a keen sense of how leaders and organizations need to stay focused on factors that will affect their future outcomes in an ever-changing world.

– Todd McQueston, Intelligent Profit, Malvern, PA

It was brilliant. . . . It was good to have a world-class speaker like yourself to get us thinking.

– Jane Freeman, Director of Planning, Morton Hospital and Medical Center MA

What a great talk. We were so impressed. Your approach was perfect and your grasp of medicine was breathtaking.

– John Sinnott, M.D., Director, Division of Infectious Disease and Tropical Medicine, Tampa General Hospital FL

Fascinating … Wow! … Fantastic presentation … Very thought-provoking … What an eye-opener! … Very challenging presentation.

– Attendees, QHR Governance Conference

I was dazzled by your insightful presentation. It must be very interesting living with such a fecund intellect.

– John Hilgenberg, President, The Eager Street Group, Baltimore, MD

Excellent – one of the best speakers I have ever heard.

– Diane Smith, Human Resources Director, Sutter North Medical Foundation

(Thank you) for your fabulous presentation at our conference …You really knocked everyones socks off!

– Tom Fritz, Inland Northwest Health Services, Spokane WA

I found your presentation to be truly motivating, with a keen sense of how leaders and organizations need to stay focused on factors that will affect their future outcomes in an ever-changing world.

– Todd McQueston, Intelligent Profit, Malvern, PA

I have never seen my Board (of Directors) more engaged!

– TRuth Brinkley, CEO, Chattanooga Memorial Health Care System