For Agents

Joe Flower is speaking to organizations both inside and outside healthcare because of how deeply and broadly this changing industry is affecting everyone.

And, because Joe tracks trends in other nations, partly as a way to understand our system better, he has brought value to organizations in countries as widespread as Canada, the UK, and China.

Inside healthcare, we work with a wide range of businesses and organizations, from hospitals and health networks to clinicians and their associations, to healthcare foundations, to vendors, insurers, pharmaceutical companies. It’s a long list that runs from small community hospitals and community clinics to the largest Fortune 500 companies, from associations of receptionists to exclusive gatherings of CEOs.  If healthcare is not your market but you have a healthcare client, Joe is happy to help you get oriented and make some suggestions.  That’s his specialty, drawing practical ideas from the “big picture” vision. He learns more about the scene he is studying by talking with you and his clients.

Although he’s been immersed in the details of healthcare for 30 years, Joe is a bridge, an interpreter, a communicator, a motivator with a vision from 50,000 feet as to where the current trends may be heading.  He sees many examples of intelligent adaptation in the industry and ways in which entrepreneurs, investors, business leaders, and professionals can take their own steps to make a uniquely influential difference to the future of healthcare right now.  He can draw that future image for each segment of the industry and each market. His stories help people picture themselves in action and help them to take action.

Outside healthcare, we are helping a wide variety of organizations, including:

  • Companies who need to know how changes may affect their budgets, workforce, and pensions.
  • Investors looking for new investment opportunities.
  • Corporations looking to reposition, to expand, or to cut wisely.
  • Architects and designers helping their clients imagine a new built healthcare.
  • Job seekers, human resource professionals, and students seeking direction and strategies for training and retraining.
  • Philanthropies who want to identify which recipients will get the greatest leverage and yield the greatest benefit

We are working with a number of agents who are featuring Joe in their campaigns to certain market segments.  We’d be happy to help you target and identify organizations that are primed to use our help.

Joe customizes every talk and is the best at helping your client decide whether he’s the right fit for them.  Get him on the phone with them.  He greatly values his agents and works with you to make their event a successful one.

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To discuss a possible or planned talk in detail, call Joe directly at 707-324-3194 or