About Joe Flower and The Change Project

Joe Flower photo healthcare futuristWith over 30 years’ experience, Joe Flower has emerged as a premier observer and thought leader on the deep forces changing healthcare in the United States and around the world. As a healthcare speaker, writer, and consultant, he has explored the future of healthcare nationally and internationally, with clients ranging from the World Health Organization, the Global Business Network, and the U.K. National Health Service, to the majority of state hospital associations in the U.S. as well as many of the provincial associations and ministries in Canada, and an extraordinary variety of other players across healthcare – professional associations, pharmaceutical companies, device manufacturers, health plans, physician groups, and numerous hospitals. (See a more extensive list of clients here http://www.imaginewhatif.com/hiring-a-speaker/list-of-past-clients/)

Flower continues to consult to organizations that have included the U.S. Department of Defense, Airbus, and ArianeSpace, a number of governments in China, and with big and small organizations, entrepreneurs, and individuals, helping clients to identify market opportunities and advising the transformation they find necessary for doing business in this historic moment of national and global change in the healthcare industry.

Flower is the author of the new book How To Get What We Pay For: A Handbook for the Revolutionaries – Doctors, Nurses, Healthcare Leaders, Inventors, Investors, Employers, Insurers, Governments, Consumers, You. It is a true manual for how each of us can get much better, much cheaper healthcare for ourselves, our families, while revolutionizing the system at the same time. Flower details how healthcare leaders and other readers can and already are shaping the Next Healthcare in the decisions they are now making as they sell into, invest in, manage, and buy healthcare.  He offers a unique, comprehensive framework for understanding the transformation underway and how to make intelligent and strategic choices for oneself and for one’s organization. How To Get What We Pay For paints the big picture of how healthcare works and how it is changing and why, building on his previous work, Healthcare Beyond Reform: Doing it Right for Half the Cost, a widely acclaimed manifesto on where healthcare is and has to be heading, based on his in-depth survey of healthcare trends and innovation.

Joe Flower and The Change Project, Inc.'s office on a tugboat.  ImagineWhatIf.com

The offices of The Change Project, Inc., aboard the converted Navy tug Owatonna

Underpinning much of Flower’s writing is his extensive research into leadership and the change process for which he interviewed over 60 top thinkers on organizational change, from Peter Drucker to Peter Senge and Ari de Geus. This took him into the study of chaos theory, Eastern thought, and martial arts. He eventually earned a black belt in Ueshiba Aikido.

Flower was a contributing writer for Wired Magazine in its explosive early years, and a columnist for the pioneering health websites DNA.com and HealthCentral.com.

Flower was a founding member of the International Health Futures Network and the principal author of the landmark healthcare forecast, “Technological Advances and the Next 50 Years of Cardiology,” Journal of the American College of Cardiology (vol. 35, no. 4, 2000).

His other writings include:

  • China’s Futures, Global Business Network 2000 (co-author)
  • The 21st Century Healthcare Leader, Jossey-Bass 1999 (co-author)
  • Japan’s Futures, Global Business Network 1998 (Executive Editor)
  • Leading Change: A Key Challenge for Board-Management Teams, The Governance Institute, 1998
  • The Encyclopedia of the Future, MacMillan, 1996 (co-author)
  • Best Practices in Collaboration to Improve Health: Creating Community Jazz, (principal co-author), The Healthcare Forum and the California Wellness Foundation, 1996
  • Prince of the Magic Kingdom: Michael Eisner and the Re-Making of Disney, John Wiley 1991
  • Age Wave, Random House 1989 (co-author)

Flower received his B.A. from UC Santa Barbara, and his MA from San Francisco State University.

Jennifer Flower, Ph.D

Jennifer Flower, Ph.D.

The Change Project

The Change Project is a partnership between Joe and Jennifer Flower, Ph.D., a psychologist and interpersonal psychoanalyst, trained at the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Massachusetts, in the Harvard hospitals, and at the William Alanson White Institute in New York City. Dr. Flower is a content collaborator, speaker, and writer on change in a combination of wisdom and the absurd that renders that hard change-stuff more tolerable. She finds that stance to be most appropriate to the tidal ups and downs of their tugboat and the wiley Fates of Enterprise.

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